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Suboxone Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Suboxone work to treat addiction to heroin or oxycodone?

To answer how Suboxone works, I need to explain a little physiology. Our body has receptors that, when bound by a substance, cause an effect on the rest of the body. The substance that binds to a receptor is called an agonist. When an agonist binds to a receptor, there are things that occur, depending on the type of receptor it is. When the opiate receptor is bound by an agonist such as heroin there can be pain relief, euphoria (feeling high), sedation, and breathing can slow or stop altogether....More


Isn’t using Suboxone just trading one addiction for another?

This is a great question, and one I get asked frequently. To answer this question fairly, let’s start with a definition of addiction, which we see occurring in people in the habit of using heroin or oxycodone. Addiction is a behavior in which a person requires increasing higher doses of a substance over time to satisfy cravings, prevent withdrawal and it involves obsessive thoughts about the substance and continued use despite negative consequences with family, friends, or employers. Addictive behavior is what ruins the life of the heroin addict.....More