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Suboxone Heroin Treatment in Greenwood Indiana

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Alpha Omega Elevation is a Greenwood Suboxone Treatment Center that uses spirituality as well as suboxone to fight addiction.

Why Can't I Stop Using Drugs On My Own?

Repeated drug use changes the brain including parts that enable self control. These changes are capable of being seen in brain image studies of people with drug addictions. Anyone can be addict to drugs. Drug addiction is able to be treated and help people to stop abusing drugs. If you believe you are addicted our suboxone doctors and addiction specialist are here to help. We are in Greenwood Indiana but serve the Indianapolis community.

Opiate addiction puts demands on the body that requires the user to attempt to keep up in order not to feel sick. With the help of our drug addiction counselors and our Greenwood Suboxone Doctor Dee Bonney M.D. we provide users an althernative to shooting Heroin.

Suboxone is a combination of two drugs: Buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine is a partial opoid which is less intense then a full opiate. It will keep away withdrawl symtoms without the high. The point is that Suboxone is an option that intolerable withdrawl symptoms providing hope to those who may have lost hope of beating Opiate Addiction.

Many people feel that addiction is a choice. We understand that Opiate Addiction is a disease and a brain predisposed to addiction does not have a choice.

Our drug addiction counselors and Greenwood Suboxone Doctor is a better plan to beat opiate drug addiction and avoid relapse. View Frequently Asked Questions